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社会主義とB52と美食 Socialism, B52, and gourmet


Hanoi is full of fun. Locals and tourists maneuver heavily congested roads by bike, and till late, enjoy shopping, eat out, and drink. I didn't feel danger while hanging around back streets in the evening.


After seeing the bustling of the old town, difficult to imagine that this country, Socialist Republic of Vietnam is governed by a sole party, Communist Party of Vietnam. Economist Intelligence Unit released Democracy Index in 2021 that Vietnam is 131th out of 167 countries and areas.



Likewise in other communist countries, public buildings are mighty and magnificent. Besides Ho Chi Minh shrine, huge buildings are everywhere, often flying red flags. It is interesting to find an old authority building is diverted to HQ of VNPT, and a memorial hall is set besides a crash site of B52 downed by AAA in central district of Hanoi.


Hanoi is renowned for its fine cuisine.

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