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天国への階段 Stairway to Heaven


Visted Santamaria Del Fiore in Firenze. At the last visits of the town I have exhausted completely after visiting Uffizi and had no time and energy to appreciate great architectures of the town. Luckily I learned about interesting story of Battistero di San Giovanni, next to the Duomo.


Facing the façade of Duomo, the baptistery was built in 11th century and rebuilt ancillary to Duomo in 14th century, where 1265-born Dante was baptized.


South-facing door of the baptistery was completed in 1336 by Andrea Pisano; 28 tiles as 4-columns by 7-rows, originally made as East-facing door, which was the exit to the Duomo. North-facing door is the entrance for clerics and South-facing door is for pilgrims.


South-facing door by Andrea Pisano - gorgeous but less vibrant nor perspective than those by Lorenzo Ghiberti.


The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti, who devoted his life to finish these magnificent doors.

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