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パパラッチ、ブンガブンガ、それから Paparazzi, Bunga Bunga, and Spazio Tempo

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


Kourtney Kardashian and her family interrupted traffic of tourists for her wedding ceremony at Abbazia di San Fruttuoso.

Also encountered guests (donno who though) to the ceremony in Portofino, where the celebrities had a big party.

イタリア滞在中はロコのレナートにすごくお世話になった。興味深いイタリア語のスラング(Bunga Bunga)や流行りの歌(Spazio Tempo)も教わった。ボディーランゲージは次回までに練習しとかなくては。

Renato booked a holiday apartment and restaurants for us, and even picked up ladies at different airports near Milano. Grazie mille. Learned Bunga Bunga and Spazio Tempo but we need more practices of Italian body language.

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